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About Me

I’m Kaleigh, a UX Architect at Designsensory. I enjoy crafting intuitive interactions that meet (and exceed) users’ expectations. I use data to understand user behavior, and I examine what users are trying to accomplish when they visit clients’ websites. With this in mind, I work with clients to craft meaningful site goals (or KPIs) for their end users. By centering tasks around what benefits the end user, it helps ensure that our end products are useful to clients’ target audiences. I also write for my company blog, and I’ve been known to catch typos around the office.

Outside of the workplace, I love camping, hiking, and backpacking. I enjoy experiences that build my skills and stretch me creatively. I’m a fan of board games, bar trivia, Oxford commas, and cheddar cheeseburgers.

I also do freelance and creative consulting work in the community, so shoot me an email if you want to work together! Let’s make cool stuff!