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Project Description

Corporate Branding

The objective for this project was to create a new company with a very genuine personality and branded products. We chose “cyburg” as the name because it combines cyber and burger, and that’s what we do.

At cyburg, we run the world’s first fully-automatic food truck with self-driving technology and a robotic kitchen.

We’re fed up with long wait times, subpar food delivery, and so-so fast food, and you should be too. You deserve better, and that’s why we’re bringing something unique to the table and serving up innovation, one burger at a time.

We serve burgers driven by innovation.

Our Logo

What do a robot arm and a cheddar cheese slice have in common? This logo. And our company, but other than us, probably nothing. We like our little robot arm hiding in our cheese slice logo, but we especially love how it plays nicely with our logo system.

…And Our System!

We wanted stackable logos so the burgers can be stacked, layer after visually delicious layer. We have custom burgers for all of our employees because everyone has a different favorite burger. At cyburg, we have customizable burgers that are as unique as you!

Our Stationery

Our stationery features the sweet little robot arm we all know and love. The tops of the envelopes move so that you can make burgers just by lifting the flap. We wanted playful stationery because we don’t take ourselves seriously enough to have boring stationery. We’re cool. We promise.

Our Packaging

Our boxes are durable, but their coolest feature is the front flap! No more reaching in containers to pull out a burger piece by piece! The front flap folds down so there are no more “reaching into a Pringles can” moments between you and our burgers.

Our Swag

Who doesn’t love buttons with coupon codes? No? How about free shirts? As a startup, the best way to profit is to spread brand awareness. Through giving out small, promotional items, we can craft a loyal fan base.

Our [Low-Fi Prototype] App

Want food on the go? Our app is just the place to make your dreams come true, wherever you happen to be. Feel free to click around. (If you get lost, the blue bounding boxes will show you the clickable areas.)