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Project Description

Advocacy Branding

Here at more oxford, we love all things o, x, f, or d.

We’re pedantic people pushing proper punctuation, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy wordplay. While the media is ablaze with terrible events, daily disappointments, and pressing issues, we raise one of our own: people think that the Oxford comma is OPTIONAL.

The Oxford comma is non-negotiable because we love using it — just like an extra scoop of ice cream, too much of a good thing helps make everyone a little bit happier.

The best way to learn about the magic of the Oxford comma is to try it out for yourself! That’s why we created our interactive series of five posters, where viewers can practice using the Oxford comma to save the day. Additionally, we are gifting them with a sticker so they can go fight grammar injustices, both large and small, wherever their travels may take them. You make think we’re kidding, and that’s okay. We know we’re serious. Interacting with content helps people learn by experience, and we strive to help people feel the exhilaration of placing an Oxford comma in a sentence. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. Quite frankly, it’s our passion. We don’t do it a lot, but we sure do love our Oxford commas. They’re tiny little sentence helpers. Above all, they’re our muse.

This project was accepted into the Ewing Gallery’s 70th Student Art Show at the University of Tennessee.

We made a website for people to explore as well. After all, what good is a poster series without a website behind it? If you click the Oxford comma, it lets you scroll through the rest of the site. Think of it like a speakeasy for people who are fed up with the prohibition of Oxford commas. Here’s a video that showcases our website:

Lastly, we made a branding guide, in case anyone wants to join forces, use your resources, and ride off on grammatical high horses into the sunset. We’re only as strong as all of you. Here’s our branding guide, should you choose to accept your mission. We’re also cranking out a beautiful site, so keep checking back for updates!