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Project Description

Turn of Phrase

Junior year, I was tasked with making an experimental typography project that represented an art movement. This project investigated the maker movement and was an exploration of 3D printing. I call the project “Turn of Phrase,” and the cool thing about the project is that the letters are completely 3D printed and can be interchanged to make any 4 letter word (provided that it has no repeated letters). The maker movement uses innovative technology and allows users to customize what they make, so this piece is interactive and customizable by viewers. I recently redid the piece and had it featured in a group show, Atypography, at Gallery  1010 downtown.

Below, I have the old version of the project, which was less expansive. I only had the letters I needed for the original project and letters A through S, due to campus 3D printer availability. I have since remade the set and now have all 26 letters and an ampersand. I also restructured the CAD file to make sure that the letters would print out to be stronger so the new letters didn’t need Krazy Glue to fasten the pegs on the back. I built a new stand that holds the excess letters since there wasn’t a spot to house them in the original piece.