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Project Description

What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are weekend-long, interdisciplinary events where people can collaborate on teams to make new, exciting things. It’s called a hackathon because people “hack” projects together in the short time frame; the projects might be rough around the edges, but they are passion projects that the teams came up with on their own.

What is VolHacks?

VolHacks was UTK’s first ever student hackathon. We had 100+ attendees and raised $30k+ in funding from corporate sponsors. Students made awesome projects, from a Chrome extension that converts cyberbullying into compliments to an Oregon Trail game based around cities’ geodata. I served as Creative Director and an Organizer, and I branded, promoted, and helped run the event.

Sponsorship Guide!

Nothing is free. We had to fundraise for our event so that students wouldn’t be the ones footing the bill. We talked to companies in multiple industries, and with the help of this sponsorship guide, we raised $30,000+ in funding for our event. Since it was the first event, they had faith in us, which is remarkable. We anticipate even more success in upcoming years now that we have a successful event under our belt and can proudly show results to potential sponsors.

Event Guide (Brochure)!

Getting lost at events is the worst. I made an event guide that we put at the registration table so that everyone was in the loop with event times and so that guests visiting the university for the event didn’t feel lost.

We went social (on Snapchat)!

Here are a few snaps from the event that have our event filter on them. The filter was set for the Min Kao building on campus, where the event was held.

Our event banner (and the coolest teammates, for scale)!

I handled the branding, print materials, and some digital resources, but everyone worked together to plan our event and make it a reality. This was a huge undertaking, and the hackathon wouldn’t have been possible without our two co-presidents, financial director, outreach director, logistics director, hacker experience director, and marketing director.